Thea Hardy

Thea Hardy is a happy dreamer in her twenties.

She smiles a lot.

Currently living in San Diego, Thea is an Account Coordinator at Oster and Associates in Hillcrest. Working at a full service advertising agency allows her to build upon all of the ‘parts’ that make the ‘whole.’

Thea writes blogs and press releases. She edits and idealizes. She may be small, but her presence is otherwise. Her writing is on the internet, it’s in the hands of the media and in well known publications. Proud is a five letter word.

Auburn, Calif. is a nine hour drive north. It’s the hometown of Thea and Au (gold). But panning was never her thing. She’d rather write. She’d rather draw. She’d rather run, swim, hike, ride, ski, eat or do a hand stand.


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