Friday Morning Formation Imagination

Looks like the theme for this week is going to have to be sunrises. Twist my arm. I thought waking up was going to be a problem in my new dungeon/WOman cave/lair (converted storage room to bedroom with no windows). Turns out, I sleep so well that my internal clock doesn’t feel bad about waking me up with the sun.

6:30 a.m. It had just stopped raining. I could tell by the darkness of the pavement and the wet towel I left out overnight. Long-sleeve weather. I emerged from posterior Subway-Rip Curl parking lot and made a bee-line for the ocean. My sunrises are mostly enjoyed looking towards the west, at it’s reflection on massive cloud formations and the contrast of what is left of the night sky. Today, there were fewer a.m. beach walkers/runners/surfers. Means the weekend is close. They are nursing their hangovers from a successful thirsty Thursday.

Crystal Pier

Crystal Pier looks much more majestic than a beach shovel from this morning’s left angle. Julie (roommate) and I ran on the Pier a couple of weeks ago – I wanted to show her how you can feel it sway with the waves and she wanted to demonstrate Gangnam Style. Her rendition was videoed – I’ll have to beg her for the publishing rights.

Voluptuous Cloud Formation

Straight out from me was this voluptuous cloud formation>. I couldn’t believe the lineup of clouds in the background, but had no idea whether they were coming or going. The ocean looked soft and it begged me to go swimming. I resisted. The water is around 68 degrees; I’m a little bit spoiled from being in Nicaragua two weeks ago playing in 80 degree water – will blog about that soon. The cloud formations were stunning there. Lightning shows, too.

Tower 23

I love when the clouds are big like this. Looking too heavy to be suspended above the earth. I also love when they take on shapes.

<I see a snake escaping to the left side of this photo. Maybe he was startled by the bear with the big lower jaw at top right. Animal sky.

Tower 23 – cause it’s always there, lookin’ good.


Keeping up with the Theas

It’s been more than a year since my last post. The gap has not gone undocumented, though, as I logged and tracked my going-ons through emails with my long distance relationships. My mom in northern California and Melanie on the east coast. Laura in Australia and Julie upstairs. I’m beginning again, with no particular theme but thoughts and food and travel and out of the ordinary things that happen to a girl like me.

October sunrise on the west coast

Melanie: I know you get to see the sun rise long before I do, but here’s what it looks like from over here. Pretty, huh? I love the clouds and the colors and the trashcans.

I’ve been getting used to my new backyard (see photo), my new house and living with great roommates. Each of them brings something exciting and unique to the BK Lounge. Rightfully deemed the BK Lounge because our front door is close enough to hear, “I’ll have a Whopper,” ring into the intercom of the Pacific Beach Burger King at all hours of the day. They’re too busy deciding whether they ‘want fries with that,’ to hear us say, “Don’t do it!”

Currently raining storming in San Diego – and I’m bummed I have to miss the California Honeydrops play at the Slo Brewing Co. in San Luis Obispo tonight. I’ll have to jive to jazz another time. Come play in San Diego, Honeydrops!