Although I have many pieces that demonstrate my writing, here are three work samples that I am most proud of.

This sample is a blog post for Oster and Associates. It pertains to my first-hand experience of giving a media tour for our client, Big Bear Mountain Resorts. The blog post appeared on the company blog, as well as linked to Oster and Associates’ other social media. The blog posts received positive feedback in viewer comments.

Media Day at Big Bear Mountain Resorts!

In my account coordination with Oster and Associates’ client, Big Bear Mountain Resorts, I was responsible for writing press releases with the idea of driving sales. This press release, written and distributed by myself, was picked up by a big name in the snow-sports industry.

Snowboarder Magazine

At Oster and Associates, we not only worked for clients, but drove business for our company as well. I crafted this email blast with the intent of showcasing our services as a full service advertising agency. This particular blast had impressive pick-up, far above the industry average. Maybe because if the eye-catching title…

Email Blast

Here are a few more samples that I just can’t leave out.

Blog post with the intent of driving Mother’s Day sales for Oster and Associates’ client, Mighty ‘Mato.

Mom Deserves the Best!

These next two samples were transferred to full size and displayed in Auburn, California for a sporting event.

NorCal All Sports Banner 2×10 ft.

NorCal All Sports Flyer 11×17 in.



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