Finally got it! A Canon Rebel t1i. As a Christmas present – from me to Mikey, from Mikey to me. Joint Christmas presents are the best… we have joint custody over the thing.

I have only done some experimenting, but I make it a point to catch the sunrise on most mornings and to take pictures of passing dogs. Dogs that resemble their owners. Maybe the camera is why I haven’t written in a while – but it’s a damn good excuse! There are way too many beautiful things around to be looking at a computer screen for any extended period of time. If only I could talk while I photographed, ran, work or drove and somebody could transcribe my words verbatim. Nah, that would be way too weird. The world isn’t ready for all that’s inside my head.

ImageThis picture was taken on an evening where I noticed from my living room that the sky was a bit pink from the sunset. I ran out and across the street to snap this, and a series of other photos (some birds snuck into the shot – somebody once told me that photos of birds were DUMB), while the sun lit up that high, billowing cloud. The ocean looked angry. Lots of people gather on the end of the pier to see the ‘Green Flash” in the evening. Rumor has it that right when the sun goes down you can see a green flash of light – I maintain it’s your eyes trying to adjust after getting blinded by looking straight at the sun.

Here’s another photo of some doggies. They were also both very curious of the other dogs that passed by them on the seawall boardwalk – looking strikingly similar to their owners.ImageMore photos to come.


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