No Shoes, No Shirt, CANDY

Today was HOT in San Diego. Hillcrest, to be specific, felt like a boiling concrete basin. I stepped out of the office only once, to stroll about five blocks to the nearest candy shop. Not for my own indulgence; I was way too sun-baked by the time I got there to be excited about chocolate or candies.  I was on a mission to get Halloween-themed treats to arrange into Oster and Associates gift mugs. I finally reached the Candy Depot, across the street from a great restaurant with a 70’s retro theme and clever menu named Snooze. The first time I went there was in August with Julie; I had huevos rancheros and ‘OMG! French Toast.’ Crazy good.

It’s probably a good thing, but this candy store was out of my very favorite candy.

Chocolate Covered GUMMY Bears

Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears should never be ‘gummi,’ unless they are animated bears. They are chewy, chocolately and delicious. I’ve made my own rendition many times, usually subbing milk chocolate with dark. It’s quite a process, though; you should make your own batch of chocolate covered gummy bears if you really enjoy standing over a stove for at least an hour. As long as you have wine, it can be fun – and it offsets the price of these typically expensive little guys.

After a day of candy and fall at work, I retreated to the west, back home to the ocean. It was almost too much work to slip into my bathing suit before heading out to the beach. I went straight for the water – the waves were actually big today. I swam out to where two surfers awaited the perfect ‘left’ and just floated around. I’m sure they thought I was nuts out there in just my bikini. Numb to the water temperature, I was pitched up by each set, and didn’t want to swim back until the setting sun cast its last ray. Several hours later, I’m still sitting in my bathing suit and I know I’m covered in salt and sand.

Sexy Room

I’m currently waiting for my Simple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds to be done roasting. I ‘spiced things up’ (: and they smell really good. I’m a sucker for ambiance, and even though I’m sitting alone – at least the room looks sexy. Vanilla candle and Michael Buble.

Feel free to check out other photos I took today, please excuse the excessive use of tilt shift. iPhone 4S is cool, but not nearly as cool as the DSLR I’ll have as soon as I can manage it.

Here’s my stream: Thea’s Pictures


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